Part of what I do here at RZR Solutions I mean excluding the obvious of you know, fixing everything IT from PC, Mac, Networks and putting the latest web page together. I also stream on Twitch 3 night’s a week. Every Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday at 7PM CST over at the Bearded Razorback Channel. I also have a YouTube channel that I have made various tutorials and montages to help you the streamer as well as many ways to provide examples on how to fix Audio, Video, & setup Open Broadcast Software (OBS) which is the FREE Open Source de facto when it comes to live streaming as well as post production.
Why is this important, well, I love everything technology and part of that if taking the knowledge, I have learned and share it all with you here on this blog. On YouTube to hopefully help you in becoming an influencer if you so aspire. I would like to outline a few things some do’s don’ts with a little back history to put some context around the why I do what I do.
As I mentioned, I love everything technology, I get such thrill in learning everything around computers, mobile devices, networks, and code just to name a few. I mean to say that I am so passionate about it. I enjoy everything there is about it. I do not know how to put it into words. It is the just part of who I am.
There are a few pros and cons to this.
The pros are well I have a passion, one that I have had for as long as I remember. That is without a doubt one of the best things about this. I mean how many people go through their life and never find or be able to pursue their passions? Not many (now I do not have stats, but I am a middle-aged man and know many people my age who are still have not found it), I do know that I have! Now part of this overwhelming continuous urge to learn, install, fix and let’s be honest play with technology I had to get into streaming.
I make my own graphics, including animations and logos. I have also put so much time into the audio and video to make things look and sound amazing.
Please take the time to check out my channel and my website which has my schedule.

Bearded Razorback



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