Network Architecture

Network Architecture

Network Needs

Tells Us Your Needs

This is where we get to know you, your company and how we can provide you with your needs to get the best network design for your business and your customers. This is the opportunity for you to tell us exactly your wants, needs and desires.

Our goal is to listen to you, and get to know enough about your business to present you with the best solution. We will ask several questions, and take detailed notes.

Your business is unique, and our job is to recommend the best course of action for your network design and equipment. We will develop a scope of work and a plan tailored to your needs, honing in our expertise to help your business grow to its full potential.

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Install & Deploy

We will install your network with the right equipment and provide test at every choke point. A detailed report for every IP, equipment as well as access to this equipment including username & password will be provided.

RZR Solutions will make sure that every ethernet connection, every router, switch, access point, mesh networks, and IP phone system installed will be fully tested and meet the industry standard. 

We will also test every section of your location and make sure that the speeds are satisfactory especially in the wireless area and that Wi-Fi provides reliability and speeds that are required in your topology. 

A detailed report will be provided so you can have piece of mind knowing that everything was verified to the precise specifications that was agreed upon.

We will also install any workstations, printers, fax machines, phones, as well as any other equipment that is part of the IOT (internet of things). 


Network Planning


Network Architect

RZR Solutions will take everything into account that we discussed in the initial meeting. This is where we have the full proposal for you to understand ask questions and adjust based on cost and equipment.

The goal is for you to understand the entire network topology and provide detailed information of why this design is the most cost effective, secure, and provides the best reliability. 



Healthy Network


on going support

A healthy network is extremely important. RZR Solutions can provide you with the peace of mind to know that with the option of our continued support can bring that peace of mind. 

We can monitor and quickly take action on any issues that may come up. Whether remote or on-site support. RZR Solutions can provide a plan of action in case something catastrophic happens. 

We can provide backup options as well as quick restoration if and when an attack comes. Please know that our reputation is based on our success and we will provide fantastic support and available resources for you and your network.


Network Architecture
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