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Hardware Repairs

Are you looking for fast and affordable computer repair solutions in McKinney, TX? At RZR Solutions, we understand the inconvenience of computer troubles and work quickly to restore your devices as fast as possible. Our technicians can diagnose and repair a variety of computer issues ranging from cracked screens and slow start-ups to viruses and cloud storage solutions. In addition we will work with you around your schedule and fix on site if we are able or we can bring back to our shop.

RZR Solutions can fix almost any modern device, including mobile, laptop, PC, and Apple. Please give us a call at *972-904-1559.

Diagnostic Services


Before we start to deal with your device, an expert will run a progression of symptomatic tests to more readily comprehend the state of your device and to assist with deciding the best strategy to get your device working appropriately. You can call *972-904-1559 to schedule an appointment with an expert.

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Hardware Repair

Hardware Repair Services

In the event that your PC is making strange noises, running sluggish, showing odd messages or not turning on, trust RZR Solutions for quick, friendly hardware repair services. Our experts will determine the issue and recommend a solution that will get your system back on track while allowing you to stay in control of the costs.

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Cloud Security


As the owner of a computer, laptop, or modern mobile devices, it is your responsibility to make sure you have properly protected your private information with high-quality security solutions. RZR Solutions can assist you with understanding and select the items expected to protect you from dangers like malware, ransomware, and data fraud.

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Cloud Backup


Your reinforcement administrations are just successful in case they are computerized, secure and dependable. RZR Solutions will ensure you’re ready with cloud backup solutions to secure your data from equipment failure and security hazards like ransomware.

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Virus Removal


Viruses are amazingly harmful to your PC and can frequently prompt data fraud and security breaches. If your device has an virus infection, get in touch with us immediately to talk about the most ideal choices for eliminating these harmful programs, malware, and viruses while securing your important documents and data.

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Cloud Hosting

Web Hosting Services

Do you need a hosting service? RZR Solutions provides top teir competitive pricing on our cloud hosting services. We have 24/7 monitoring, mutliple packages to choose from, backups, WordPress (on-click install). Freen cPanel and email, domains, and a wide veriaty of services to get your website up and going quickly and securly. 

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