The Hottest Tech News Nuggets for SMBs

The Hottest Tech News Nuggets for SMBs

Tech news roundup

Reporting tech newsThe Hottest Tech News Nuggets for SMBs

Hey small business peeps! It’s your favorite technical truffle hunter dropping some sweet scoops on the latest technology news and happenings relevant to SMB life. I’ll sniff out the most important hardware releases, software updates, security alerts, industry trends and pro tips so you can stay savvy!

This month we saw spicy new gadgets from Apple like the iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Ultra. Microsoft rolled out updates for Office 365 while Zoho launched the next evolution of its office suite.

On the security front, VPN vulnerabilities and state-sponsored cyberattacks made headlines. In the world of blockchain and crypto, FTX snatched up assets of the defunct Celsius Network.

Let’s dig in to the need-to-know technology news so you can bask in all the geeky glory! Nothing gets past this bloodhound’s nose!


Hot New Software DropsNew hardware gadgets

Don’t sleep on key software updates released in September – they could be an SMB game-changer! Let’s dish on the exciting new features and enhancements.

Microsoft pushed out beefy Office 365 updates including Excel collaborative editing, Visio diagram smart selection, and a Yammer recommendation feed. Nice! These should help boost that productivity juice.

Zoho pulled the curtains off the next generation of its office suite, Zoho Workspace, with unified communications and deep integration across apps. Oooh fancy!

QuickBooks rolled out improved search and transaction tagging to make accounting easier. Whew, now I can find expenses faster than a police dog tracks a sausage!

There were too many awesome software updates to cover, but these highlights should rev your engines. Let me know if you want deets on any other new tools or apps!

Software automating office workHot New Software Drops for SMBs

Don’t sleep on these juicy software updates released in September – they could totally change the SMB game!

Microsoft pushed out some beefy enhancements for Office 365 users. Excel now has collaborative editing so multiple people can work on a spreadsheet together. Visio has new smart selection capabilities for quickly updating diagrams. And Yammer received a recommendation feed for improved inner-office connectivity.

These Microsoft 365 upgrades boost real-time collaboration and efficiency. No more emailing spreadsheets back and forth like a hot potato between departments! And making snazzy org charts and flowcharts is a cinch with the new Visio features.

Zoho whipped the curtains off the next generation of its office suite called Zoho Workspace. We’re talking integrated team chat, video conferencing, shared cloud storage, deep interconnectedness between apps – the whole enchilada!

QuickBooks also delighted users by launching improved search and transaction tagging to simplify accounting and bookkeeping. Now you can find that random receipt from 3 years ago faster than a police dog tracks down a runaway sausage.

Cybersecurity SOS SignalsSoftware automating office work

Major security snafus went down in September that SMBs need to address ASAP! Let’s recap the hot messes.

VPN vulnerabilities were discovered that could let hackers bypass authentication and access business networks. Yikes, talk about a bad tunnel! Be sure to update VPN clients and servers to the latest versions.

State-sponsored cyberattacks targeted IT companies to infiltrate their customer bases. Always be wary of suspicious login attempts and anomalies that could indicate a breach. Monitoring for attack indicators is key.

In other news, the Cincinnati Zoo got hacked and 4,000 churro-loving spider monkey pics were leaked! Don’t let your organization’s critical data turn into animal crackers for hackers.

Keep those security defenses fortified, folks. Implement multi-factor authentication, system patching, staff training and other fundamentals. And call in the cybersecurity cavalry if things get out of hand!

Cybersecurity alertsEmerging Tech Trends and Impacts

Let’s explore some of the major developments last month across key technological fields and their potential impacts on small and medium businesses.

AI and Automation

In AI, Google unveiled its ChatGPT rival called Bard but botched the initial demo, highlighting current limitations. While AI chatbots aren’t ready to replace human roles yet, they may augmentation customer service and support in the near future.

Domino’s launched pizza delivery robots for contactless delivery. Automating transport could disrupt delivery costs and availability. But full autonomy still faces challenges.


The FTX-Celsius developments continue crypto’s turbulent year. Broader blockchain adoption by businesses faces hurdles. But peer-to-peer payments and smart contracts provide some near-term potential.

Quantum Computing

IBM revealed a 433-qubit quantum computer, the largest yet. While true quantum advantage is years away, quantum networks and sensing may emerge sooner. Longer-term applications could enhance materials, chemical, and drug discovery.


Progress continues in areas like precision medicine, agricultural biotech, and lab-grown food. Eventual impacts range from data-driven healthcare to feeding the world’s growing population.

Let me know if you want to drill down on any emerging tech topic – I can dive deep into the rabbit hole!

Hot Tech Tips for SMBsTech tips for SMBs

Let’s dish out some juicy recommendations so your small biz can stay on the cutting edge!

  • Update outdated software and hardware to boost security and performance. MSPs like us can help manage it all.
  • Watch for signs employees need more collaborative tools like shared docs and group chat to improve workflow.
  • Consider automating repetitive tasks like payroll, bookkeeping, and reporting to increase efficiency.
  • Implement cybersecurity fundamentals like multi-factor authentication and staff security training to reduce risk.
  • Regularly back up critical business data to guard against outages, natural disasters, and ransomware.

Think some of these tech best practices could benefit your SMB? Give us a holler! We love helping local businesses level up their tech capabilities and strategy.

Well folks, that concludes this month’s news nuggets and pro tips. Let’s connect soon to keep your operations running smarter, faster, and stronger!

Wrap Up and Final Bytes

Whew, we covered a truckload of technology news and updates this month! To quickly recap:

  • New iPhones and watches from Apple, Microsoft 365 enhancements, Zoho Workspace launched
  • VPN and state-sponsored cyberattack risks flagged
  • Advancements in AI, automation, blockchain, quantum, and biotech on the horizon
  • Recommendations provided for SMBs to upgrade tech and security

I hope these highlights help you stay in-the-know on the ever-changing technology landscape! Tune in next month when I’ll sniff out the newest developments, releases, and trends for your SMB.

Feel free to reach out if you need help navigating any of these topics or want to chat more about strengthening your technical environment and strategy. Our team of managed IT experts is always ready to assist!